Thank You

We also want to thank the Wellington Rotary Club and the Wellington/Hillier Firefighters Association for helping with the cost of the Easter Hampers! We couldn’t do them without your financial support!

Thank You!

Well it’s that time again when we say thank you so much and goodbye to our wonderful fall and winter volunteer Chantal Jeffrey! This is her last week with us until the fall. You are such an amazing giving person! We will miss your wonderful sense of humour, all the laughs, your delicious meals, desserts and of course all your help! Chantal has to get ready to open her Tabersnack Food Truck, 22186 Loyalist Parkway, beside Sprenkels Meat & Variety. Among many of Chantal’s talents this lady is an amazing cook so for those who have not been to her food truck I highly recommend you take a drive, you won’t be disappointed! This lady can cook! Thanks Chantal we will miss you! xo