Royal Visits to Wellington Helps Out Our Foodbank!

Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday has taken on a whole new meaning in Wellington. Prince Charles and Camilla will visit the small community in Prince Edward County on June 30th.The upcoming royal visit has the town abuzz with excitement.
Darryn Davis has reaction. Prince Edward County’s mayor has known for several months that the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall might be visiting the region.He says he got confirmation a couple of weeks ago and says it’s welcome news for a region that’s been dealing with a spring of flooding. “We just can’t wait and I don’t know if we’ve got enough words to be able to say how thrilled we are but I’m really looking forward to it.”
It was Prince Charles himself who chose to go to Wellington and the farmers market. Food sustainability is one of the causes championed by the prince. A goal the United church’s reverend Steve Spicer shares. “We look at what it means to create rural sustainability, what it means to create rural sustainability and what it means to work as a community to ensure that everyone has access to food.” The market is in it’s 6th season and the organizer was thrilled to find out about the upcoming royal visit the attention it will generate. “It was one of the most glorious in my life as a market as a market ambassador. I will admit an affinity to the royal family, I follow them, I enjoy what they do for charity work.”
Wellington residents are looking forward to kicking off their Canada day celebrations with a royal visit.
“I think it’s great for the community, it’ll generate a lot of excitement, I hope they get good weather I understand they’re coming to the farmers market which i think they’ll be impressed with, hopefully go away and say nice things about us.”
“How wonderful I am a royalist from way back”
“Tourism is one of Prince Edward County’s main economic drivers so word that the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are coming to Wellington is welcome news to business owners. ”
“I think people will be excited, eager to catch a glimpse of them and I think all the businesses, especially the ones that have this great frontage will do well with that extra enthusiasm. ”
Proceeds from the farmers market that day will be donated to the Storehouse Wellington District Food Bank.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Wellington.


Thank You!

The Foodbank would like to thank the Municipal Grant Program, the County Community Foundation and the Prince Edward County Cattlemen’s Association for the funds to purchase this trailer that will help us with our cause! Thank you for helping us, help others in our communities!